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Rolex Replica Watches created the Transforma Rivages Automatic Chronograph to support Bernard Stamm in the Vendee Globe race. This special timepiece for the skipper can be converted into a watch, pocketwatch or onboard instrument. The famous Swiss skipper participated in the grand adventure known as the Everest of the Seas. It began on November 10, 2012. It ended more than three month later.

Vendee Globe 2012 is a competition that brings together 20 of the world's top skippers. They sail around the globe in high-tech yachts equipped with cameras and sensors. This allows for real-time transmission of the activities at the boat. The highly accurate monitoring system allows you to track all 20 competitors at any given time.

Bernard Stamm is a special case because of his strong ties with Rolex Replica Watches, a Swiss luxury watchmaker. The Genevan yachtsman has been personally involved in building his 60-foot monohull,Rolex Replica Watches which began over three years ago. With a mini-lab, Stamm can receive and share hourly data about the temperature, oxygenation, and salinity of water. He also shares this information with his team.

Rolex Replica Watches, a long-time admirer of Stamm and his breathtaking adventures decided to design a high-end watch that would become a key part of his gear. The renowned watchmaker, Rolex Replica Watches, created the Transforma Rivages last year. It was inspired by the Stamm's Rivages Yacht. This striking sport watch is now available in a Carbon/Titanium Special Edition. It offers an impressive functionality as well as some pretty unique transforming options.

A 43mm matte carbon case with ergonomically curved lugs and a titanium hood attached to a leather band is a stylish and comfortable wristwatch. By pressing the side push-pieces of the two lower lugs you can easily separate the main body and the titanium holder. With a steel link, the carbon case of the Transforma Rivages can be transformed into a classic pocketwatch. The case, which is made of the same material as Rivages monohulls,Rolex Milgauss Replica can finally be integrated into dashboard. The self-winding mechanism will start automatically at that point.

The black dial is designed as a stylish map of the world. It features three subdials: the 12-hour counter (the 30-minute counter), the small seconds counter (the small seconds), a date aperture and highly luminous hands and markers. The sapphire glass is anti-reflective.